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                               My name is Coston Plummer and I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. I'm a husband of twelve years and a father of five beautiful children. I have two boys and three girls. I currently live in the Washington Park community and have done so for the past seven years. Let me say that I love my community very much. I'm a proud home care worker and I have been doing that job since 2008. I absolutely love to take care of our seniors and people with disabilities because they are our most vulnerable citizens in this city. I'm a proud SEIU member leader and I'm also a proud UWF member leader too. My Union is how I got involve in fighting for the most vulnerable and standing up to the powers to be. Through UWF is when I went back to my community to fight for the working class and the many. I have been directly impacted by police misconduct. My brother Johnny Plummer at the age of fifteen was tortured at the Area 3 Police Headquarters by detectives working under the supervision of the notorious former Commander Jon Burge for thirty-nine hrs until he signed a confession. I have always promise myself that if I was ever in a position to help bring positive change to my community that I would fight tooth and nail for it.

                              I'm also very big for fighting for better mental health and homeless for my community. I'm not going to say to my community that I have the answers to how our community should be police and what policing should look like because I would be lying. But I know my community will have many ideals and I would love to hear them so we could put those ideals into action. That's why I decided to run for 2nd Police District Counsel because I want to hold bad police officers accountable and to make sure we as a community are at the head of the table when any decision are being made that will affect us. I want to work for my community and allow them to set the agenda of what needs to be done because this is not about me but everything about my community in the 2nd Police District. If you would have me as your District Counsel I promise I will give everything I have when representing my community. I will fight for what my community wants me to fight for. Because in the end I work for my community and no one else.

Committee to Elect Coston Plummer
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